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The Women's Power Networking Group

We are Powerful Networking Women that help build goals, personal growth, networking, relationships and business for each and every one of us that own our own business.

The Women's Power Networking Group
Various Meeting Locations
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About Us

"We are the women you have been waiting for."

The Women’s Power Networking Group gives business women the opportunity to expand personally and professionally through networking. This group brings together individuals who own small business as well as those who depend on referrals to expand their business. Our meetings promote long-term relationships and our members are interested in giving women an environment where they can help each other become successful through concentrated networking.

Mission Statement

We are Powerful Networking Business Women who help one another build business, gain leads, achieve goals, experience personal growth & develop strong networking relationships with all of the women in our group.

Apply for Membership

Click here for the application form.

New members are approved by the organizer and voted into membership. Applicant may not be in a business that is in competition with another member.
Please include your company name with your RSVP. 


Meeting locations vary. We meet every week.

Corridor Afternoon 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Cedar Rapids Afternoon 12:30 pm -1:30 pm

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