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CPU Crew

A non-profit youth community service program for teens, supporting healthy development and building a culture of giving.

CPU Crew
Center Point, IA 52213

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CPU Crew
My son is involved in this organization and is loving all the ways he's able to serve his community. He's very service oriented and having a group of friends to do this with makes it even more enjoyable for him!
Submitted by: Austin in Center Point on 2022-12-05 12:17:48
CPU Crew
This group are doing amazing things for our community. They are a great group of kids! Keep doing great things, kids!
Submitted by: Faith in Center Point on 2022-12-05 08:10:09
CPU Crew
What a great organization for our youth! I just recently experienced this group and found out that they help out at the library! Many of these members are in middle school. Instilling service to young people is crucial in this day and age. Keep up the good work!
Submitted by: Nancy in Walker on 2022-12-05 05:59:35
CPU Crew
Love how the CPU Crew gives our kids the opportunity to help out in the community. This give the kids confidence in themselves and makes them feel good about helping others. When kids are given these opportunities, it helps them become positive role models for others!
Submitted by: Denise Pavlovec in Urbana on 2022-12-04 22:25:18
It is exciting to see all the ways the crew continue to get involved and support the Center Point community. I’m excited to see how they grow!
Submitted by: Becky Jones in Center Point on 2022-12-04 11:42:07
Great kids!
I had the pleasure of driving these kids to a work site several times. They were all polite, friendly, well behaved, and I only heard about how much they enjoyed helping others. Not a single complaint about the work. Very positive group of young men.
Submitted by: Deb on 2022-08-15 17:17:05
This non-profit promotes becoming proactive in your community at a youthful age which will hopefully continue into the youth’s adulthood, freely giving of their personal capabilities. All good! Let’s keep this going.
Submitted by: Carol Galli in Shellsburg on 2022-08-11 11:55:19
CPU Crew Scavenger Hunt
Our family has had so much fun with this event! We are happy to see that so many are also out exploring the town & enjoying the hunt! Thank you for doing something so fun & exciting!
Submitted by: Maria Liercke in Center Point on 2022-08-10 10:22:36