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The Green Room

Offering organic, vegan, natural-based hair and skin care products that are free from harmful chemicals.

The Green Room
1215 Jordan St
Ste 407
North Liberty, IA 52317
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Meet Carey

Welcome to The Green Room  During the mandatory Covid-19 two month closure, I decided to rebrand my salon. WHY? everyone asks.  Because I was forced to push my ideas forward in developing an online-shop for my favorite hair and skin care products. Fortunately, being a licensed cosmetologist, I am approved to sell beauty products from 7 different salon supply companies and I am continually working towards being approved for more. 

During shut-down, friends, clients, and local patrons reached out to me to purchase these salon products and I am so grateful for their support, because I would have been broke.         

Once my decision was made to upload and design an ecommerce website for user friendly online-shopping, I believed a rebrand was a smart idea. And my new biz name The Green Room was born.  My original salon name brand, if you remember, was 'Carey Schillig Hair Care'. I carried this name brand for 13 years (holy buckets). CSHC was simple and nice and served a purpose, but my new name brand and focus is to sell organic vegan natural based beauty products.  This new set-up will help me to make a little bit of income from home, just in case there is another shut-down (hopefully not!). 

Also, I wanted to remove my personal name brand from my business and create something that was better for search purposes. I get asked a lot, if I plan to sell CBD products?, lol. I know nothing about them, but I promise you, I will do my research and decide about that possibility later. Stay Tuned!      

I chose the name The Green Room for many different reasons. The older we become, the wiser we become,...right? I continue to try to set forth healthier decisions for myself and my lifestyle. In the last 5 years, I have truly incorporated stronger efforts to eat more green foods, study ingredients, and have a true sense of eco-concious living. Practicing being a nontoxic human in all areas of my life. These awarenesses, helped me to develop my new business motto and tag-line, "Beauty is Being a Nontoxic Human."      

Thank You for your support in my new journey. I have carefully taken the time to hand-select hair and skin care products that are free from harmful chemicals. Check out my site  thegreenroomiowa.com Some Liter sizes are available.  Let me know if you have any questions!      

During quarantine, I was able to add some beautiful lighting, and new wall-paper to my salon studio space. I can't wait for you to see it.  ~Carey

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