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A grassroots effort to help Americans preserve their health and freedom by changing their shopping habits. Plus, helping a local non-profit: CPU Crew!

Center Point, IA
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About Us

There's a grassroots movement to help people switch their shopping habits to buy safer products that are made in America.
Stop using potentially hazardous products in your home.

Have you lost confidence in the large global corporations that manufacture the products we use everyday? With hundreds of lawsuits against these organizations, it's hard to ignore the possibility that the products are not safe.

Let us tell you about an affordable way to shop from and American manufacture that supports family values and cares about your health.

Every time you shop, 5% of your purchases will go directly to the CPU Crew.

It's your CHOICE

Do you use soap, laundry detergent, deodorant, toothpaste, cleaning products or vitamins?
Do you value your health?
Do you cherish your freedom?

If you answered YES to these questions, CLICK HERE to schedule a quick call and we’ll show you how you can use American-made, natural products from a company with product integrity and family values.

Intentions Matter

When you put toothpaste in your mouth and soap on your skin, it’s PERSONAL. You should be confident in the integrity of the products and know they are SAFE. 

Ask yourself:

  • Where/how are they made?
  • What chemicals are used in the manufacturing process/ingredients?
  • How trustworthy are the companies in charge of making these decisions?
    • Is your health important to them?
    • Have they lost any product liability lawsuits? 
    • What are their values? Who do they support financially?
    • Do they own other organizations? Which ones? Do those companies benefit financially if you get sick or injured?

Learn more:
CLICK HERE to schedule your 20-minute overview call. You'll be glad you did!

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