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Do's and Don'ts

Lisa Persons, Travel Agent, has shared some do's and don'ts for planning your honeymoon.

For help with planning and the inside scoop about all of the great honeymoon package deals, check out Lisa's page.

DON'T pick your dream honeymoon destination by photoshopped pictures

DO work with a travel planner who has actually visited or has training in the destination

Online travel planning can be a bit like online dating - do you really believe everything you see? Rely on a real person that has industry knowledge on service, price and travel personality.

DON'T pick your honeymoon based solely on price

DO let your budget guide you

Things that appear too good to be true typically are just that! Look for a good value that will provide the experience you want. This is a trip you want fond memories of!

DON'T wait until the last minute

DO book early to get the best availability and rates

There is nothing worse than having to break the news to a bride and groom that their dream honeymoon is not going to be possible because the destination is sold out. Many accommodations can fill up a year in advance during peak travel times. The earlier the better! Plus, many times that will give you an extended time to pay the balance of your trip.

DON'T let your friends and family plan your trip

DO listen to what they say but remember they are not travel professionals

You want to choose something that fits your style. Just because you know someone who went there doesn't mean it is the perfect fit for you. Work with a qualified travel expert that will help you find that a perfect spot!

DON'T let a machine or website dictate your dreams

DO work with a real-live person that can give you the pros/cons and unbiased reviews

If you have ever gone down the rabbit hole of online reviews, you know what I am talking about! Extremes are abundant - I hate it, I love it! Count on your professional travel planner to navigate you though the before during and after honeymoon planning.



Planning & Budgeting


Start saving for your honeymoon as early as possible. If you already know where that ultimate destination is, you can figure out a ballpark cost. Don't forget to figure in some fun money! Divide the number of weeks until you plan on going on your honeymoon into the cost that you calculated and you will have a weekly savings budget.

Sound like too much to put away each week? You have choices. Everyone is guilty of spending money on things we could have lived without. When you are saving up for something that is important to you, it is easier to give up those little things like a Starbuck's coffee or a steak dinner. Cancel subscriptions that you don't need, start conserving water and electricity, or do whatever it takes to decrease your average monthly bills. Once you achieve that, the extra money should go straight into your honeymoon savings fund.

One idea for suggesting that others help you pay for the honeymoon, in leu of purchasing a wedding gift, is for you to add this fund to your registry. Friends and family can simply add funds to your honeymoon savings fund, instead of purchasing an item from the registry list.

Here are some tips for a smooth honeymoon:

  • Plan and book everything early
  • Get your passport early
  • Know how your destination's weather is typically for the season
  • Hire a professional for travel arrangements
  • Keep your maiden name after the wedding, for passport reasons
  • Plan less and relax more. Stressing out about this won't make it any better