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Top 3 Things Brides Wish They Would Have Done Differently

Brides plan their weddings for many months before the event. Since most new brides have never planned such an event before, things don't always end up working out perfectly on the big day. Here are a few common wedding snafus that brides regret and how you can avoid them:

Over-spending on your dress - The first part of planning your wedding was likely figuring out a budget, which most likely included an amount for your dress. Brides understandably get wrapped up in the excitement of dress shopping and can easily over spend, leaving themselves with nothing left for accessories, shoes, and bride's maid apparel. Avoid this by giving yourself a budget slightly below your actual spending limit.

Micromanaging vendors - This is your special day and you want it to go exactly as you planned, so trusting your vendors to pull things off perfectly is difficult. Many brides try to keep track of and control every vendor's actions, driving themselves and the vendor crazy. Give yourself time to interview vendors in the early stages of planning, so you can relax and know they can be trusted.

Hiring friends instead of professionals - When people hear you are planning a wedding, friends will undoubtedly want to help. Especially if you are running on a tight budget, friends will offer to cater, DJ, take photographs or video. Avoid this mistake because it can end up taking a toll on your friendship, not to mention the possible disaster that may occur from amateurs running your wedding.