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5 Tips for Rescheduling Your Wedding Date: Coronavirus

5 Tips for Rescheduling Your Wedding Date: Coronavirus

WHOA. It’s been a freaking WEEK (or two) and I think it’s safe to say we are all feeling pretty stressed and uneasy about the future. If you are a bride getting married soon, I just want to say how sorry I am that this is happening. It’s got to feel so disappointing to postpone a day that you’ve been planning for months or even years. If the coronavirus has put a halt to your wedding plans and you need to reschedule your day, I wanted to give you some of the BEST tips I can to help you through this!

1.) Reach out to your vendors. This is the FIRST thing you should be doing. If they haven’t got in contact with you, send them an email, shoot a text, or hop on a phone call. Here’s the thing, we want to do the best we can do help you through this! Wedding photographers typically book up to 18 months in advance for Saturday dates, but we are open to Friday’s and Sunday’s (and weekdays!!) too! You’ll want to reach out first to see which dates they have open and available before you choose a new one to move your wedding to.

Here’s an email template you can use to send to your vendors:

Hey there, (your partner’s name) and I have been closely monitoring what’s been happening with the coronavirus. We want to make the best choice for us and for our guests, and we wanted to reach out to start the discussion with you on moving our date.

We are deciding to postpone our wedding day and wanted to touch base on what the terms were that were listed in your contract. I’d love to hop on a call to discuss if we can waive the fee to switch our date in the situation and if you have an flexibility with that. What time works best for you this week to chat?

We’d love to discuss possible dates that work with your schedule that we can move our new date to. Right now we are looking at (list dates that are your top option) but are open to more! Do you have these available?

Talk to you soon!

2.) Postpone or reschedule, don’t cancel. Listen, you deserve this celebration. I know it all seems overwhelming, but we would still LOVE to be there and celebrate with you at a later date. If you cancel, retainers and deposits will most likely not be able to be refunded. Most vendors are waiving any rescheduling fees right now, so take advantage of this and work with us to set a new date so you can have ALL of us there to make your day the best it can be.

3.) Prepare to be flexible. Your vendors might not have a Saturday open in October right now, so you may have to consider other days like Friday’s and Sunday’s. Just be mentally prepared to be open minded when you reach out to all of your vendors to set a new date. This is new to ALL of us, but just know that we want to work with you together to find a date that will work with both of our schedules.

4.) Let your guests know ASAP. This might be the most time consuming part, especially if you are planning on having a larger wedding. You definitely do not need to get new invites printed and spend more money, maybe think about creating a virtual invitation! Let your guests know the details that you DO have once you have them figured out (date, venue, etc.) AND, do not be afraid to ask for what you need. Your bridal party and family is there to help, and so are your other guests. Need someone to make phone calls? Just ask. Need new suggestions on honeymoon locations? Post it! And don’t be afraid to ask for encouragement, love, and prayers.

5.) Breathe. Just take a deep breath, and let it go. As disappointing or frustrating as this may be, just know that you WILL have all of those perfect and special moments on your wedding day like a first look with your boo dropping tears when they see you, a dance with your dad at the reception, and signing the papers to make it official. You will be married to your best friend, and even if it’s later than you expected, you will still be Mr. and Mrs. at the end of this. Keep your head up and know that it’s going to be okay!


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