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Save Iowa's soil, save our health

Save our soil, save our health

Iowa is a land of farms – the second most productive state in corn and soybean production. When we think of Iowa, we often picture endless fields of corn and soybeans that go on for miles (and miles) under the unrelenting sun.

We're growing food and feed because of Iowa's nutrients, minerals, and organic matter, but it is being lost at a rate faster than Iowa can replenish them.

Our current method of farming isn't sustainable – it's poisoning our soil and our bodies. Through proper tilling and procedures, there is no need for chemical pesticides or herbicides. Regenerative gardening is the only way to save our planet and become a sustainable society.

The chemicals used in traditional chemical farming are not just killing pests; they're also causing sicknesses that plague Iowa's people. These agricultural chemicals seep into our drinking water and food supply, affecting everyone in the country.

The rain forest grows and flourishes without any help from chemicals. That is because nature has its way to regenerate the soil. The soil is teeming with nutrients and life, much like Iowa once was. Iowa could be that way again if we start practicing regenerative farming practices now.

Our children are born with disorders at greater rates than ever in human history and it can be attributed to the use of chemicals in our food production. Iowa's soils are rich in nutrients, but if we continue to use chemicals, Iowa's substantial resources will continue to become depleted. We must return Iowa's soil to its original, natural health.

Iowa can return to its former glory - a thriving natural environment - by practicing regenerative gardening techniques.

We’ve been led to believe that fixing our planet is a nearly impossible task that is only possible through massive global effort and sacrifice.

But, what if we found a way to fix most of the problems facing our environment with simple and painless shifts in behavior?

Regenerative gardening is one of those simple shifts that can save Iowa and the world.

Iowa needs to change how it farms if Iowa wants Iowa to remain Iowa. The Iowa DNR states "The soil is the basis of all human life."

"In Iowa, we're killing our soil with chemicals. Those chemicals get into our food and make us sick or not as healthy."

"Regenerative gardening can save Iowa's soil and our health."

Click here to learn more about what can be done to save Iowa's soil.

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