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Weekending // Nov 26 - 28, 2020

Weekending // Nov 26 - 28, 2020

Happy Thankgiving to all of Eastern Iowa! The day is finally here to eat all of the good food and appreciate everything that we have. This weekend, we would like to focus on a lot of the local businesses that are offering great food for the holidays. With the pandemic not slowing down any, a lot of local restaurants need support to stay open. 

With that being said, Loyal to Local - Cedar Rapids has a new innovative idea! It is called bonds. 

Retail and Restaurant "bonds" will be launching next week! "Bonds" are discounted giftcards that will mature to full value in the future date! E.g.: A $75 "bond" turns into a $100 giftcard for the business starting March 1, 2021.
This helps businesses get the money today to stay in business and rewards customers for "investing" in them in the future! Interested? Email them at contact@deetzapp.com
Another way to help local businesses and take the strain off of you for the holidays is by ordering food from these restaurants! They offer some great thanksgiving selections. 
Edith and Lucielles is a great place to eat! With a giant selection of food, a huge bar and so many employees that just make the atmosphere great. They are open for thanksgiving too!
Mr. B's and Sams Pizza is another great selection if you're looking for somewhere to eat on thanksgiving day! They'll be slinging drinks until 10:00pm! Sam's Pizza will be opening at 4:00pm for your dinner/supper needs with in-house delivery options available!!
We want to wish everyone a great thanksgiving and keep an eye out for our next blog! Were going to be taking a look at some of the great light shows around Eastern Iowa for Christmas. 

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