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Chocolate - The Lovers Gift

Chocolate - The Lovers Gift

It seems like the magic of love, when you give a box of chocolates, but it is actually more scientific. When you see that smile on your sweetheart’s face with love shimmering in the eyes by just receiving that box of chocolates, you know something has already happened. Before taking that first mouth-watering bite, you have created a chemical flow of "feel good" hormones in both of you.

Then, you take a bite!

Since the time of the Aztecs, chocolate has been considered an aphrodisiac food. There is a substance in chocolate that has an effect on the love senses. After eating the delectable treat, your lover will be more receptive to you. At least, that's the plan. Because of this reaction, giving chocolate as a romantic gift has become a tradition in Western Civilization. 

The caffeine and sugar in chocolate will certainly raise the heart rate and stimulate blood flow. There is also serotonin, which raises spirits, and flavanols that increase positivity. There have been scientific tests that prove chocolate has a positive effect on mood.

Receiving the traditional "lovers gift" of chocolate is symbolic of deep feelings. It is the perfectly boxed, small shapes of deliciousness that brings joy to anyone receiving it. This Valentine's Day, think ahead and choose to give quality chocolates that will show that you put some thought into it. 


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